Our Products

Custom Plastic Sheet Extrusion

Sheet and Rollstock Products

Dependent upon texture, width and gauge


(Monolayer, AB, ABA)

.035”to .500”

up to 100" wide


(Monolayer, AB, ABA)

.060” to .375”

up to 86" wide


(Monolayer, AB, ABA)

.060” to .250”

up to 86" wide

Sheet Finishes

  • Smooth Gloss (shiny)
  • Smooth Matte (dull)

Sheet Textures

  • Haircell
  • Levant

Materials We Extrude (not limited to this list):

  • ABS (Low, Medium, and High Gloss)
  • Acrylic Capped ABS (DR & Solarkote)
  • ASA Capped ABS
  • ESD
  • HDPE
  • HIPS
  • TPO

Something not on the list? Let our Sales Team help with a solution.

Colorants and Additives

We have the resources to custom match any color you need with a quick turn around. We can supply material with the following additives:

  • Antiblock
  • Antistat
  • Slip
  • U.V.I. Stabilizer
  • Silicone


We have the capabilities to apply the following laminates:

  • Striping for Part Identification
  • Protective Masking
  • UV Protective Films

Recycling Services

If you have plastic scrap or regrinds, we can give you credit towards your account or purchase your excess plastic scrap.

If Loose Plastics, Inc. can be of service to you please contact our sales team.


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